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 Mind & Body Thinking  

 When you think of the words Mind and Body, do you see them as a whole or a separate from one and other? Let’s consider the latest trend Mindfulness which speaks of connecting the mind to the body by a series of meditative states. This works by paying close attention to the body, allowing ourselves to become attuned to any physical experiences that happen within the body. Thus giving us the information where the aches and pains reside in the body.


Now let’s consider the possibility of mind and body, where attention can be drawn to both the psychological mind and the physical body, where messages from mind to body are continually being communicated. It is this exact communication that gives information to what is happening internally. How often do we take our aches pains seriously? How often do we question when we have an illness what is actually happening within our bodies? How often do we query our moods or question this feeling of lethargy that we cannot get rid of? What does it all mean and what is being communicated, what are our bodies trying to tell us?


Do you experience?


Low mood


General aches and pains


Depression/Depression due to illness

Mood Swings

Panic attacks


This could be your mind and body telling you something. By addressing both mind and body at the same time it can offer information as to what has become suppressed. What happens when something goes wrong in our body, mentally or physically? It is by addressing the mind and body that communication can be explored, getting one to complement the other, bringing health and balance mentally and physically.

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