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Laura Slaughter

I started my training in 2005 at Goldsmiths University – to become a Psychodynamic counsellor and attained my Masters in Psychodynamic Counselling in 2008. I started my client work in 2006 at the Lorrimore Counselling centre, including working a second placement at Waterloo Community Counselling. I have also trained with Cruse in Brief Bereavement including attaining a short course in complicated grief work . 

In 2015 I chose to do a course that would expand my knowledge as psychotherapist giving me the opportunity to work with couples in an in depth and structured way.    

I feel passionate about the process of therapy as I have truly witnessed its subtle changes in the clients that I have seen over the years. I feel we all deserve to know who we are and understand ourselves so we can grow, sometimes by looking at the root can we find the cause and therefore learn to change the effect. 



I have had over 12 years of experience working for many different organisations, which has given me the opportunity to work with many individuals. I have worked in a school setting providing short term and long term therapy for students of all ages. This type of work required me get creative using interventions where I felt the individual might benefit. This role meant that I worked closely with teachers and the CMHT team for any child that may have required further assistance with their mental health needs.


I have eight years of experience working for the NHS in a surgery setting providing brief short-term work, again bringing interventions if I felt they would benefit the client. I worked closely with the GP's and IAPT team making sure all clients were being seen by the correct practitioners. I gained an immense amount of experience as every case was different and challenging leading me to deepen my knowledge.


Alongside my work in the NHS I created a private practice which has been established since 2008 and is still ever expanding today. I love my work as psychotherapist I am passionate about the changes it can bring and has brought to many of the clients I have seen throughout my years as a therapist.     



2005 – April 2017


BACP Accreditation


CCPE Diploma in Transpersonal Couples Counselling


Wandsworth Certificate in complicated Grief


WCC Assessment Training Certificate


Cruse Bereavement


MA Psychodynamic Counselling


Certificate Time limited counselling


PG Dip Psychodynamic Counselling


Certificate in Humanistic & Psychodynamic Counselling

Lorrimore Counselling Centre


Waterloo Community Counselling Centre


Haberdasher Askes Federation 

Penrose Doctors Surgery – NHS contract
Duncow Doctors Surgery – NHS contract

Wansdworth Bereavement Services

Additional Training


Cruse Bereavement training
Regular CPD training within the NHS

Complicated Grief work

Time Limited Therapy

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