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Your Emotional

Life is an ever-changing experience, which can sometimes feel like a roller coaster that we can't slow down or get off. Counselling can offer a place to pause before we climb back on.


Laura Slaughter

I have been working as a Psychodynamic Therapist for over 12 years. I chose psychodynamics because I feel passionate about the process and have truly seen its subtle changes in clients I have worked with. I feel we all deserve to know who we are, learning to nurture and understand ourselves so we can grow and develop in our lives. This style of therapy looks at the root causes not just the surface, helping to bring forth a greater knowledge of our true selves. 


It can be hard deciding to come to therapy. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the therapist you have chosen. 


How often do we consider our mind and body as one. We are told to work on ourselves physically, but what about mentally. Our body can communicate through aches and pains which can be caused from past unresolved conflict in our minds. 


It can feel like we are swimming in a sea of emotions when communication begins to break down in our relationships. We can feel lost and confused with no understanding of how to get back to happy. 

Articles about  Psychology

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